Inventor Vows to End Drug War

2000 Years And
Nothing has Changed
All The Same People and
The Same Evil Crooks:

1400s: "I have to put you in jail
because you practice Judaism -
It's the Law!"
1600s: "I have to put you in jail
because you are Black -
It's the Law!"

1900s: "I have to put you in jail
because you are Arab -
It's our Policy!"
2000: "I have to put you in jail
because you smoke the wrong
cigarettes and take the wrong pills -
The Government needs to
make it's money!
It's the Law!"

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Any US Government employee or representative that uses, enforces, enacts, laws that are cultural and community in nature, at the State or Federal government level shall be deemed as violating the US Constitution stating that government shall not make religion;
and such US Government employee or representative may be declared as committed one or more of the following crimes:

1) false arrest
2) false imprisonment
3) threat with physical violence
4) assault
4) abuse

All states of the United States, because each state is relatively large and can accommodate many different communities, shall not enforce rules and laws that are cultural and community oriented in nature across the entire state, because Citizens are not required to adhere to any Cultural or Community law unless in a Community. And in the event a State of the Union declares the entire state as one community, without leaving room for other communities, such State of the Union shall be deemed as having made religion throughout the State.

Cultural rules may include many different types of prohibitions and requirements such as:

      • prohibitions of smoking certain substances;
      • prohibition of adultery and its punishments;
      • prohibition of nudity or promiscuous clothing;
      • requirements of nudity (for nudist camps);
      • prohibition of working on the Sabbath;
      • prohibition of drinking alcohol.

BECAUSE, it is permissible under the Founders' Law to create a system of rules and associated punishments for Cultural rules for a Community, because those who don't wish to follow the rules of a Community may go to another Community, and those who wish to create or join a Community with rules may do so as is their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness;
but when Cultural rules and laws are passed and enforced at the State level or the Federal level, US Government employees, police, judges, attorneys, and prosecutors have committed a grave crime against Citizens, according to US Law contained in Founders' Law, because they have created religion forcing all Citizens within the State or within the Union to comply with a particular cultural or religious way of life, leaving all territories, that are not even communities, to be under the control of one Cultural or Religious way of life even in places there are no community members.


I am going to chase all those police, attorneys, DA's and judges into submission.

The Foreign Power posing as the U.S. Government will continue to be more afraid of the U.S. citizens they abuse.

Law Abiding Citizen 2

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